Janoris Jenkins Suspended Indefinitely

Janoirs Jenkins

Janoris Jenkins has been suspended by Ben McAdoo For violation of team rules. He came back from the bye week a day late and did not communicate with the team.  This is the second suspension of a Defensive back in three weeks. First it was DRC and now its Jack Rabbit.

There is a lot of talk that Ben McAdoo has lost the locker room and the 1-6 record might have something to do with it. This Giants team is in shambles not much has went right this season.

The Jack Rabbit suspesnion came as a big surprise to fans and the media. Ben McAdoo Said Janoris was out for an “Excused Absence” only to change his tune and suspend him on his return. Ben Mcadoo said he decided to “trust the player” and it did not end well for him as Janoris violated team rules with his lack of contact.

There is a lot of blame going around for this one. It may not be the popular opinion, but this suspension falls on Jack Rabbit 100%.  He did the equivalent of a no call no show at work and got punished accordingly. This incident is one of the few Ben Mcadoo handled correctly outside of how he treated the media.

The Sentiment in the Giants locker room seemed to backup Ben McAdoo.

Hopefully he comes back and sees that he made a mistake and he and the organization can put this and this horrid season behind them.

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