Making sense of Giants letting Landon Collins walk in free agency

The Giants let Landon Collins walk in free agency. The move made waves around the league with fans accusing GM Dave Gettleman of being inept. It left fans wondering why Landon Collins wasn’t traded along with Eli Apple and Damon Harrison. Surely there were takers for a former all-pro safety?

Landon Collins was a leader on the defense as well as a fan favorite for his hard-hitting play style. In 2016 he had five interceptions that included a pick-six. He was up for defensive player of the year and was just edged out by Terrel Suggs. In 2017 Landon Collins weakness in coverage was exposed. As bad as the coverage was in 2017 it seemed as though things could be better in 2018. Collins coverage got no better in 2018 it arguably was worse. There are multiple Zach Ertz’ plays that stick out in my mind, where Collins got cooked.

Dave Gettleman said “I’m going to Look at film until my eyes bleed” so he must’ve seen the same thing. Landon getting smoked in coverage and concluded that $11.5 million was too much for his services. While I am a big fan of Landon Collins, it is a passing league. Collins cant get paid top dollar and not be good in coverage. So while it leaves a sour taste in my mouth, the Landon Collins decision was necessary. The safety market is getting more crowded driving down value.

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